Protecting Car Dealerships with Security Guarding

Tue 9th July 2019

Regency has been providing security for Car dealerships, car showrooms and garages for a number of years. This feature article looks at why these types of establishments are an attractive target for today’s criminals and how additional security can help reduce crime.

On a forecourt the amount of money and assets that are left on display can run into thousands and sometimes millions. These vehicles often have in-car-entertainment devices left in the vehicles and that’s why it’s a thief’s paradise. These locations are also vulnerable to a host of other threats including vandalism and actual car theft.

Keyless car entry systems now let drivers open and start their cars without taking their key out of their pocket. Now thieves have successfully developed techniques and technology that allows them to bypass modern anti-theft measures.

Today highly organised criminal gangs operate a “steal to order” service for international clients. These gangs tend to target prestige brands. Home Office stats show that 111,999 cars were stolen in 2017-18, which means, on average, a vehicle is stolen in Britain every five minutes and some are direct from the dealerships.

By adding additional measures to your security plan will help deter criminals. Adding exterior fences, barriers and concrete bollards, improvements to CCTV monitoring, lighting and safety of car keys can all help reduce crime. Adding onsite Regency security guards and mobile patrols will offer extra protection for staff and assets.   

This is achieved through a combination of constant vigilance from our guards, regular patrols of the property, as well as their presence acting as a deterrent. Our keyholding and alarm response also means that we are first to react to a call out, taking away the risk of any employee attending the workplace.

All Regency guards are fully vetted and hold an SIA licence. An SIA licence is required by law if anyone undertakes licensable activities of a security guard. Manned guarding activity includes any of the following:

  • guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, against outbreaks of disorder or against damage;
  • guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained;
  • guarding one or more individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.

Our security guards are all smartly dressed in Regency uniform and have radio communication with our control centre which is manned 24/7, 365 days per year.

No one would dispute that keeping customers, staff and assets safe should be the number one priority in all cases.

Regency Guarding and Events offers a wide range of car dealer security solutions including Manned Guarding, Keyholding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and CCTV Monitoring. Our dealership security experience gained with high profile dealer groups ensures we can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective security advice and solutions.

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