Reduce the risk of crime with a preventative strategy from Regency

Wed 1st May 2019

Reading the daily news and you will most probably find articles relating to increased crime relating to individuals and businesses. For businesses your will read news on Cybercrime, fraud and physical crime, such as burglary.

 Working with Regency will help to reduce the risk of crime by implementing a ‘crime prevention service’ into your workplace. This may be as simple as having mobile patrols outside and within the perimeter, using static guards within the building or introducing keyholding / alarm response services. The modern crime prevention pamphlet published by the Home Office, reveals that crime increases when there are more opportunities to offend and falls when the degree of opportunity is reduced. Adding security measures will reduce the opportunity.

 Earlier this month, Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary said in a speech in East London that businesses should look further to prevent crime. He said this could be as simple as fitting locks, alarm systems and even using proper street lighting. He continued to state these were all common sense measures which can be implemented. At Regency we agree and by adding visual deterrents, including patrol signage or guards will help to deter crime.

 In the July 2018, the Home Office published a report ‘the economic and social costs of crime’ which concluded that the cost to commercial premises ranged between £460 and £24,000. This figure didn’t include the cost to employees wellbeing and the emotional toll crimes can take on a company. Some victims of crime, especially violent crime, will sometimes suffer substantial physical and emotional injuries too.

 Regency are experienced to help manage risks to your business and can tailor specific packages to your needs.

 Security Guards and Mobile Patrols

 Whether you are looking to minimise the risks of theft or criminal activity, static guarding is a cost effective way to protect your premises 24hrs a day. This is achieved through a combination of constant vigilance from our guards, regular patrols of the property, as well as their presence acting as a deterrent.

Keyholding and Alarm Response 

Our highly professional, security guards will safeguard your premises keys and be on call for incidences 24hrs a day. We will swiftly resolve any problems from alarm activations to personnel access, to required patrols throughout the night.

Reduction to risk is very important and this service minimises risk to employees and eliminates the possibility of out of hours call outs. If your company uses employees as keyholders, they can be placed in potentially dangerous situations and could also leave the employer at risk of a liability claim resulting from the incident. All of our officers are highly trained to respond to various types of situations, in a calm and professional manner.

The FSB (National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses) reports that crime against small firms costs more than £12 billion annually and business crime directly affects between a quarter and a third of UK businesses annually.

Let Regency help your business with some crime prevention. Give us a call on 03300 563888 and talk to us about your business. We will explain the best way to protect your business.