Regency Guarding and Events Welcomes 100th Keyholding and Alarm Response Customer

Tue 11th May 2021

Regency Guarding and Events (RGE) has welcomed Urbanbubble as its 100th Keyholding and alarm response customer.

Urbanbubble, recently handed over the keys and codes to RGE Operations Manager Alistair Voy for ‘One Canalside’ a brand-new waterside community with modern city-style apartments, located close to Chelmsford city centre.

RGE is now providing a 24/7, 365 service to the One Canalside community and will respond to any Intruder or Fire alarm activations, System faults or line failures and any direct customer call outs.

Alistair Voy said “we are delighted to have Urbanbubble as our 100th Keyholding and Alarm Response customer. We work with our customers to create a bespoke attendance package. Our packages include a schedule of the different types of attendances (intruder, fire, client, etc) together with any prior or post escalation processes that are followed, depending on the type of attendance.”

Keyholding is something that every company will have organised. Either internally or externally through a company (like RGE). Many companies do not realise the importance, liability, or risk of handling keyholding internally and so have never considered outsourcing their keyholding to a company.

Put simply, keyholding is the process of either an individual employed by a company or an external company such as RGE who hold keys and responds to alarm activations or out of hours concerns when the company is not operating (usually nights and weekends).

Why would a company outsource its keyholding?

There are many positives to a company outsourcing its keyholding. See below a comparison of what Regency Guarding & Events would arrange vs what a company handling their keyholding internally. A good exercise for a company is to work out the risk they take by allowing any of the actions on the right to take place. With the risk to employees and site safety being high in nearly every allowance.

Regency Guarding and Events prides itself on its response times. With that in mind we want to make sure each client receives the fastest and most efficient advice and setup. Regency Guarding can successfully set up a Keyholding and alarm response contract within 24 hours of an initial enquiry and with packages starting from as little as £1 per day, it's worth having a conversation to safeguard your business and employees.

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